Outbound mails not sent

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Outbound mails not sent

Postby [CC] » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:17 pm

Hi josh, hi guys,

first a big thank you for providing us with such a great platform. I use SG since 2003. First, let me say that I use SG in a "e-mail-proxy" or "e-mail-cloaking" kind of way. That is, rather than utilizing "create-and-forget" disposable addresses I have about 90% of 200 addresses in real use as of today. The "e-mail-proxy" method allows me to identify who eventually sold my address to whom (with surprising results at times!) while at the same time protecting my "real" address from all those malicious freaks out there.

Because of the way i use SG, I rely not only the inbound (3rd party->SG->ReadAddress) but also on the outbound (RealAddress->SG->3rd party) functionality. This is where my current problem comes in:

Inbound traffic seems to work reliably, while outbound traffic (i.e., I reply to some mail) does not. At least, the "sent" counter does not get increased (which it did in the past, an indication that the mail at least has left the SG mail server). So has there been a change in the "sent" counter functionality or do my mails indeed not get forwarded?
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