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Can't find e-mails from sender

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:55 pm
by AncientPC
I have SpamGourmet forwarding to my Gmail account.

Nikon sent me an initial e-mail that I received fine (1 of 10 emails sent). I requested additional e-mails, and they have been tracked from SpamGourmet's side (7 sent tracked) but can't find it in Gmail.

I've triggered e-mails again and SpamGourmet's counter will increase, but I cannot find the e-mail within Gmail (checked Spam and Trash too). I have been receiving Nikon e-mails at this address just fine, but the password reset ones are disappearing.

I have a lot of Gmail filters, but even then nothing gets deleted immediately (Gmail delete -> sent to trash). Does anybody have any ideas?