how do exclusive sender regex's work?

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how do exclusive sender regex's work?

Postby benalt613 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:33 am

I was experimenting with the exclusive sender field using a regex after some spam arrived at one of my addresses. i had used this as an exclusive sender mask:

I discovered that this allows all mail to come through as exclusive - regardless of where it is from. I started experimenting a little and worked out that just doing "string1" without the .* would allow all mail from an address with string1 in the domain through. I then sent a test message with an exclusive sender mask as (string1|xoxy) and my mail being from xoxy got through. When I then sent a mail after setting the mask to (string1|xoxyx) the mail arrived due to me allowing 5 emails to come from anywhere by setting the max count (which was then reduced by 1 to 4). When I set the mask to (string1|xoxyx).* with the wildcard, nothing arrived at all despite having set the max count for emails not matching anything to 5. I am wondering if it will for some reason take longer than the others to arrive (others came immediately).

Basically, I am now wondering how the exclusive sender field works in general such that it potentially causes mail to be ignored even when you have a max count for emails set. This seems to be a problem only when you have .* in the mask.

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