Message "transfered" bu not received

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Message "transfered" bu not received

Postby Bingo » Sat May 23, 2009 10:41 pm

Hi all !

I registered on a website two days ago with a spamgourmet alias and still haven't received the confirmation email.
Since sometimes spamgourmet emails are quite slow to arrive, I waited until today.
Seing nothing I checked my advanced panel, and it tells me that a message for this address has been transfered two days ago (quite at the time of my registration actually).

Is it normal that I haven't received it yet ?

Of course I have searched my mailbox quite thoroughly (easy because it is a google apps account, so a global search is fast), and haven't found it (and yes, my search did include the spams).

I forgot to mention that I still receive emails from my other spamgourmet aliases !

Thanks for your help !
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