GMail no longer displays name of sender for SG addresses?

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GMail no longer displays name of sender for SG addresses?

Postby dan791 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:45 pm

I use GMail as my "real" email address by SG and up until a few weeks ago (looks to be as of about 11/15/17), it always used the display name of the sender for emails to SG addresses. For example, it would display " -" as the sender for Amazon emails with the SG address visible if I opened the email. Now it displays the actual SG email address which looks like:


Does anyone know if this was a change in GMail or if there's a way to configure GMail to use the display name of the email address rather than the raw email address itself?
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Re: GMail no longer displays name of sender for SG addresses

Postby josh » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:16 pm

spamgourmet includes the original sender name/address for display in the From: field, but only if the total length of the field (including both that and the spamgourmet redirection address, which can get pretty long) does not exceed something like 80 characters. Longer sender names / addresses (particularly addresses, because they effectively will appear twice - once in the display and again in the redirection address) tend to go over that limit, and so you'll only see the redirection address.

I'm not sure whether that explains what you're seeing, but it might. I would be surprised if google changed anything, and I know we didn't.
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