Address masking for alias addresses

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Address masking for alias addresses

Postby josh » Fri Oct 24, 2003 12:59 am

copying this over from a Support Request:

Address masking for alias addresses
And yet again I post! You know I never did get a
response to that code request :-)

Anyway...technically this is another script request. Is
there anyway that I can tweak your code to have the
address masks send the responses from an address
outside of my spamgourmet account?

As you know from previous posts, my use of
spamgourmet works like this:

someone sends to t2adventure which forwards to
spamgourmet which filters and send to my ureach

Now I've also got ureach reading email and sending it
through that cycle if it hasn't already been through.
Basically my inbox is COMPLETELY filtered thanks to your
amazing services.

Okay, the point is this, I want to use the address mask
so that people see responses coming from my
t2adventure account rather than my spamgourmet
something.*.login one.

Well, tell me what you think!
- Indy

Date: 2003-10-23 10:05
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I could use the same from address. Perhaps if you had an
option to input the from address to be show to the person
receiving the reply.

To keep things from getting ugly with fake emails, you'd
probably want to verify the accounts that are being used as
the from address.

For me, I'd set the from address as [a non-spamgourmet address] so
that it the emails would appear to come from that address
and when someone replied back, it'd go through the filter

Email me. Let's chat.
- Indy

Date: 2003-10-10 12:46
Sender: jqh1
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whoah -- I think we're still a ways from there. Would you
be using the same "from" address for all your replies?
don't currently support that, but we'd be closer than having
different ones for different disposables.
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Finally decided to register and answer your q in here

Postby Indy » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:01 pm

Okay! Now that I'm registered and ready to go, here's the answer to your question:


Hehe... okay what I was thinking is that figure out someway to edit your code so as to make it appear that the response is coming from a CONFIRMED email address.

So for instance let's continue with my address setup, shall we?

As we all know well by now my email is sent by "Sender" to indy at t2adventure, that address forwards it to spamgourmet, SG shoots it off to my secret ultimate email address *Dr. Evil pinky touch* where I read it.

Quasi-graphically as so:
Sender --> T2Adventure --> SG --> Me

My thought was to design a response address much like the + sign ones in existence that would respond to the sender from a CONFIRMED email address specified in a form on the SG page.

Meaning, beneath the email address box specifing where the mail is forwarded (on the SG page), would be a box specifing where the responses come from.

Point is, in my case, that it would appear as if my response was coming from t2adventure rather than my account on SG.

Understand what I'm saying? Yay or Nay, say hey to me on IM or something (all personal info in my forum profile :) )

- Indy
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Postby SysKoll » Wed Nov 12, 2003 1:07 am

The only thing we could potentially tweak is the Reply-To filed. In your case, when the Sender received the "tweaked" mail, it would appear as "From: ureach, reply to t2adventure". We cannot change the From inserted by ureach.

More generally, SG is not an anonymizer. I believe Josh wants to keep it this way.
-- SysKoll
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