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mass editing on the search results page

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:50 pm
by josh
One oft requested feature has been the ability to edit disposable addresses en masse on the search results page -- I'm thinking a slick way to do this would be to use javascript for the most part to modify the existing view upon a button click to convert it to a bunch of editable controls (mostly text boxes and check boxes) and provide a submit button at the bottom.

Does that sound like a good idea? Older browsers could still do things the old way. I think just flat-out changing the results to a big editable form by default would be ugly and confusing, but maybe that's just me.

By the way, there's a developer who has been installing the spamgourmet code, and has contacted me with a few problems he found - that's what led to my edits on the website that caused the domain list to disappear.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:27 am
by SysKoll
I like the javascript idea. What kind of editing do you have in mind? One recent requet is hidng/unhiding check boxes next to disposables in a list.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 7:34 pm
by josh
We've had previous requests to be able to edit just about everything that's both a) shown on the results page, and b) editable in the detail screen. Some of these might present challenges, like the notes field because it would be so big, but things like remaining messages would be good to cover.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:37 pm
by justs
Did this ever get anywhere? The ability to update/hide/etc multiple addresses at once would be a huge improvement. Eight and half years ago, this didn't really matter, but now with over 750 addresses created and a couple hundred active, the ability to check a box on multiple addresses and hide them would be so incredibly useful!!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:22 pm
by SysKoll
Unfortunately, we are extremely busy with $DAYJOB, and staffing cuts don't make it easier.

If a good JS developer could step up...