New phrasing for English nobrainer template

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New phrasing for English nobrainer template

Postby SysKoll » Thu Oct 02, 2003 8:21 pm


I am sending you, as attachnment, the new English wording of the nobrainer html template.

Here is below the suggested English text of the confirmationmessage.txt template:

Code: Select all
You asked Spamgourmet to forward your emails to the address <%newaddress%>.
You must confirm. To confirm, either:

* Clic on the URL <%url%>
(or paste it into your browser address bar and press Enter)

* Or just reply to this email -- make sure you leave the URL in the reply.

If you received this message unexpectedly, it's because someone entered your
address in Spamgourmet by mistake.
-- SysKoll
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