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Postby vsp » Tue Mar 01, 2005 8:08 pm

Actually, Let me clarify some expectations :

Let us say I have an ID

1. This ID has exclusive sender
Then, all emails that are sent to this email ID should be forwarded without decrementing the count.

This includes emails sent to the ID directly, emails sent to (To:) a mailing list to which I have subscribed using this ID and emails copied to (Cc:) such a mailing list.

Read my last few posts to understand that the last expectation in the list above is not satisfied by current SG behaviour - i.e. "emails copied to (Cc:) such a mailing list"

2. If a particular email ID say is the exclusive sender for my email ID, any mail from this sender will be sent through without decrementing the count, any other email sent to my ID will be eaten.

Basically this is a summary of the FAQ for "exclusive senders" aptly expressed by the following quote from the FAQ
Also note that, as of June 8, 2001, you can add/edit/remove exclusive senders from any of your disposables by clicking on the view/edit link in advanced mode. This will let you send a normal disposable, then 'lock in' the sender at any point you like -- similar to adding a 'trusted sender' for your account, but specific to the particular address. Also, if it's the "to" address that is unique for a particular mailing list you want to use, that will work just as well here (just don't put the disposable address itself here, of course, since that would have the effect of allowing an unlimited number of messages from anyone).
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Postby josh » Mon Apr 18, 2005 11:07 pm

We have a "beta" version that addresses this problem. You can try it if you like -- just use one of these domains for a disposable address:

and the new code will be invoked. Don't use them for anything permanent, as we'll probably retire these domains when we move the new code into "production"
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