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Untrusted senders

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:42 pm
by Jim27106
Would it be possible to cut off an untrusted sender? (Note: I've used the service for better than a decade and this is the first call for it. I suspect it isn't worth the time. I'm only throwing it out there because other people might really love it.)

I've gotten about 4 messages from Akanksha <> , Sourabh, and others from Next Level Business Services. Yes, i'm looking for work. However, not with these clods.

We are partnering with our Global (sic) consulting client in filling “UI Developer” position as mentioned below. Please let me know your interest and send your updated resume with hourly rate expectation.
I will appreciate your prompt response.

ROLE: UI Developer
LOCATION: Multiple Location (sic)
Full Time Position

Inperson/F2F (sic) Interview is Must (sic)

Technical Skills Required
• Strong in ASP. NET, MVC etc (sic) Web technologies and fundamentals

Desired Skills
• Good communication skills

Next Level Business Services, Inc.
Phone: (904) 236-4498 | Fax: (608) 646-8326
I marked their lack of communication skills with a (sic). I know my grammar isn't perfect, but I proof read my job descriptions and mass-eMail text.

I probably need to follow up. Wish me luck.