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Missing code in SVN Repo

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:11 pm
by thommy19

I managed to setup a spamgourmet instance on my nas together with fetchmail.
It works! :-)

But if a user enables "reply address masking" an error occurs:
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reading message PREFIX@OWNDOMAIN@POP3ISPSERVER:1 of 1 (3074 octets) #**************************Can't locate object method "getOutBoundMailHost" via package "Mail::Spamgourmet::Config" at /opt/spamgourmet/modules/Mail/Spamgourmet/ line 123, <STDIN> line 89.
fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 255
 not flushed
fetchmail: POP3> QUIT

The method "getOutBoundMailHost" is not defined in Mail::Spamgourmet::Config.

If I change the line in method getRedirectedAddress in from
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my $host = $self->{'config'}->getOutBoundMailHost();
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my $host = $self->{'config'}->getMailHost();

which was commented out, it still does not work.

It appears that you missed to commit your changes for
Could you please commit your pending changes to the repo? ;-)

Best Regards,