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Incorrect handling of To: name/address split across lines

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:53 pm
by mbourne1
If I send an email with the following To: header:
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To: LibreOffice Users
 < at>

when sending it on, Spamgourmet replaces that with:
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To: toaddress at

I believe the newline+space in my original To: header is valid (RFC 2822, Section 3.4). It's actually generated by Mozilla SeaMonkey when I have that address in my address book for easy access, so I didn't deliberately do that. However, the replacement does not appear to be valid - there should either be an address between <>, or no <>. That malformed To: header is leading to the email being rejected by some recipients, in this case the LibreOffice mailing lists. Some receiving servers are tolerant of it (e.g. Mozilla's mailing lists) but others, it would seem, are not.