Feature Request - Text to add in subject

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Feature Request - Text to add in subject

Postby orr101 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:11 pm

When I make up words to use as the "someword" prefix, I am trying in many cases to make up words to not seem obviously as an anti-spam measure. As a result, just by looking at the word it is hard even for me to remember what the disposable address was meant for.

e.g. 'mfl.user@spamgourmet.com' was for Motley Fool - but after a few months this is hard to remember that.
(and who did I give "event.user@sg.com" and what for? )
Enter the "Note" field in the address list in advanced mode. Great - but I have to come to SG.com and login to see it.

Add a short text field to each disposable address, and an option to add any tect put in it in the subject line of forwarded messages. All of this optional, of cource.

Michael Orr
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Re: Feature Request - Text to add in subject

Postby ragingdragon » Mon May 06, 2013 9:49 pm

There is a small workaround you can use for this, though I've never used it. Lets use your example for motleyfool. Before you give out the email address, send out an email yourself to mfl.motleyfool.user@sg.com. If you wanted only 3 emails, you can always send it to mfl.cmotleyfool.user@sg.com. Depending on how you use sg, this should help you keep track of your stuff, though you have to login to check who you gave the email to, which I guess is gonna be rare enough that you don't care.
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