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FAQ about sending

Postby lwc » Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:13 pm

I've noticed the FAQ barely has anything on sending. How about this:

Q. You keep talking about receiving messages. But how can I hide my protected address when replying or initiating new messages?
A. We have a "reply masking" feature for that. If you go ahead and enable it, messages sent to you will have our "from" address. So when you reply, they will actually be sent to us. We'll then replace your protected address with the fake one and immediately forward the messages away. If you didn't keep a past message to reply to, our site has a "create a reply masking address" wizard.

In other words: with reply masking enabled, you can just reply as usual. But be aware this middleman approach makes your outgoing messages subjected to the same delays as incoming messages may have.

Without reply masking, you can still simply change your external e-mail client's address setting into whatever you choose (assuming your SMTP server accepts fake senders - free SMTP servers usually don't, if they even allow using external e-mail clients in the first place). But since it means you send your message through your own server, don't expect ours to cover up for you (see link).
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