Install questions and comments

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Install questions and comments

Postby abjurernowhere » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:16 pm

Hey guys, I'm trying to install the SpamGourmet software on a domain of mine. I'm having problems because some of the files mentioned in the install.txt are missing and because the install.txt seems to be missing some instructions.

1. Install.txt says "cp spamgourmet.config.default spamgourmet.config"
Well, spamgourmet.config.default doesn't exist but spamgourmet.config does. Not a big deal, I just edited spamgourmet.config. Perhaps update the documentation?
2. Install.txt says "cp .forward.default ~/.forward"
A bigger problem this time as neither .forward.default or .forward exist in the source. Perhaps you could tell me what is supposed to be in this file?
3. Install.txt says "edit and and set the configfile parameter to the full path the spamgourmet.config"
I assume we were supposed to move over to the web directory to do this. I'll edit from there. Also, where is this (or variant) file? Were we supposed to make edits to What is the file in the conf folder?

I'd appreciate any help as I'd really like to get spamgourmet running on my domain. All of this has been made harder by the fact that my stupid webhost doesn't give access to the command line but I'm managing.
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See my post on 4/7/2010 for the successful expereince

Postby cndpost » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:35 pm

I did a successful install. See my post today (4/7/2010) in this forum
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