Possible bug when initiating email from SG address in Gmail

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Possible bug when initiating email from SG address in Gmail

Postby spgusr » Sat Aug 19, 2023 5:11 pm

roblox1 wrote:hello, when i try to "send a message from one of your spamgourmet addresses" to send a message, sending a message to the generated mailbox does not send any emails, i have tested this in gmail.

test.SPAMGOURMET.USERNAME.c37e8a541e.MY ... ob.0sg.net

Use this address to send a message to (recipient email)

that will be from your spamgourmet address test.(spamgourmetusername)@xoxy.net

can anyone confirm if they managed to get this working? sending mail from one of my Spamgourmet domains would be useful functionality, though i know support is limited.

Can confirm that this is indeed the case when following the same set of steps on the spamgourmet advanced mode page and sending the email to the generated address from my own Gmail account.

Any suggested workaround yet?
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